Job Description

Technicians, Install & Repair Job Description

Installs, maintains and/or repairs network facilities, and associated apparatus from the station equipment to the line card; performs other related duties.

Duties include, but are not limited to, the following:
Installs, removes, rearranges, programs, tests, troubleshoots and maintains voice, data, and ancillary equipment and network services. Installs, maintains and repairs outside and inside plant equipment/facilities and inside wire. Effects repairs and restores service outages. Performs cable pair recovery activity. Interfaces with customer to further analyze installation and repair issues. Responds to inquiries and provides follow-up. Interprets schematic work order drawings to determine job specifications and installation needs. Orders and/or obtains required equipment. Effects problem solving where appropriate. Utilizes various test equipment to analyze equipment trouble and takes appropriate maintenance action.
Operates standard and aerial lift vehicles and manual, hydraulic, pneumatic, electric, electronic, gasoline, propane and power actuated tools and equipment. May be required to perform additional duties and tasks as required by the Company.

8+ years’ experience required. Ability to work in confined areas. Ability to lift and carry tool boxes, drop wire, parts containers and installation loads, test equipment, generators, manhole/pullbox covers, etc. Ability to climb poles/ladders. Ability to lift, carry, set-up, climb and take down ladders. Ability to communicate naturally and pleasantly over the telephone and/or in person. Ability to work under pressure in stressful conditions. Requires alertness and attention to detail. A valid drivers’ license. Able to meet the medical and driver certification requirements as established by the DOT Federal Highway Safety Act.
Not restricted to daylight hours. Able to read and interpret architectural, electrical wiring diagrams. Able to operate test equipment such as VOMs, test sets, etc. Indoor-outdoor work. Exposed to adverse weather conditions, dust, noise, dirt, heat, poor lighting, fumes, etc. Works in buildings being constructed/renovated, manholes, rough terrain, traffic, aerial lifts, platforms, etc. May be exposed to high voltage electrical power lines, explosive and/or flammable liquids and gases, oxygen deficiency, carbon monoxide, lead toxicity and asbestos materials. May work with molten lead and wax. Scheduled work tours may be weekday, weekend and holiday, including day, evening and night hours.
Subject to scheduled and/or unscheduled overtime and call out. May be required to have experience in one or a combination of: Equipment Technician, Special Services Technician, Telecommunications Technician, T&P Technician, Cable Splicer, Systems Technician, Network Maintainer, I&R Technician, Cable Technician. Must possess the ability to perceive difference in colors. Must possess the ability to distinguish audible tones/levels.

Successful completion of an advanced electronics concepts course from an accredited or recognized educational institution.

Desire a degree in electronics technology, to include successful completion of digital logic, electronic communications, and microprocessor fundamentals from an accredited or recognized educational institution.

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