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Since 2003

The information era is the third revolution of economic development with a significant global impact. Pacific Telecommunications Solutions, Inc. has high-performance teams to provide advanced technology services to maximize the capabilities of our valued customers to fully utilize the ever-expanding “information superhighway.” PacTel Solutions, Inc. Professional Technology Services;   Engineering, Air Dryers, and Marketing/Sales.

We are currently providing a myriad of professional services to companies in the United States. Our objective is to continue growing our current national customer base with long-term expansion goals of becoming a major participant in the International marketplace.

PacTel Solutions team meeting

PacTel Solutions Team Meeting

Our Mission Statement

To be the vital link in the delivery of telecommunications and small business services. We will achieve this through enterprise consulting which will add value through high-quality services that are cost-effective and timely.

Our Vision


For Our Customers

We will exceed expectations by anticipating and identifying their needs and providing high-quality cost-effective solutions with speed. They will see us as a leader in our industry.


For Our Employees

We are dedicated to the belief that our employees are our most important asset. We believe in providing a challenging and creative environment in order for our employees to utilize their talents to their fullest potential. We will provide our employees with the best training and tools to promote and foster outstanding performance at every level.


For Our Community

We will support key community initiatives and encourage our employees to be good citizens and actively participate in improving the quality of life in their respective communities.


For Our Suppliers

We will build long-term relationships with our suppliers. The goods and services that we pass on to our customers will be derived in part from our suppliers. Therefore, we have high expectations that our suppliers will provide us with excellent products and services to meet our company standards.



For Our Shareholders

We will ensure an acceptable rate of return on investments. Financial reports will be accurate and timely. Key investors will be consulted on strategies to ensure maximum profitability.

Contact Info

PO Box 997
Stanwood, WA 98292-4502

Phone: (425) 422-0545


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PacTel Solutions Telecommunications Solutions | Design by Gail Johnson

Copyright © 2003 – 2024. All Rights Reserved.


PacTel Solutions Telecommunications Solutions | Design by Gail Johnson

Copyright © 2003 – 2024. All Rights Reserved.