Job Description

Outside Plant (OSP) Telecom Engineer Job Description

The Outside Plant Engineer is responsible for fiber optic and copper route engineering, pole line and underground route field documentation, construction permits, project tracking, as-built documentation and electronic records preparation in accordance with company policies, procedures and quality standards, while meeting customer delivery requirements. Works with network planning, central office, transmission and operations personnel to support growth, replacements and upgrades of telecommunications plant facilities.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Engineer aerial, underground, and inside fiber optic routes.
  • Copper telephone cable design including size and gauge, cross box design and terminals; rearrangements including cutovers, pair conditioning, cable assignments, loop make ups, bridge taps, splice documents.
  • Manage all projects to meet or exceed minimum specifications of Construction Policies, NESC, NEC, OSHA, State, County and all other applicable agencies.
  • Maintain a high level of productivity, assuring time-frames are met for projects occurring simultaneously and track and generate reports on project status.
  • Prepare, manage and maintain project documentation, maps and CAD drawings. Create drawings and records of fiber and copper routes, splice locations, construction notes, bills of materials and project overviews.
  • Research and acquire permits, rights of way and easement agreements.
  • Respond to DOT requests for information and plan for facility relocations.
  • Review and record As-Built documentation.
  • Attend customer meetings; perform site surveys and walk-outs as necessary to comply with customer requirements and time frames.
  • Work with multiple customers and prepare all deliverables within each customer’s own specifications.

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