Job Description

Outside Plant Engineer Copper Job Description

OSP Copper Engineer for the transferring of cable pairs. This individual must have an advanced level of Outside Plant design knowledge. Must have knowledge of telephone industry standards, reading and interpreting mechanized assignment records.

Basic Qualifications:

Knowledge of special service equipment and network connections.
Knowledge of POTS service.
Knowledge of copper systems, pair gain devices, etc.
Understanding basic digital communication applications.
Knowledge of electronic and digital theory/principle.
Knowledge of low bandwidth and high bandwidth circuits.
Knowledge of various central office switch types (i.e., GTD5, 5ESS, DMS100, DMS10) and/or adjunct devices (i.e., Voicemail, Voiceplex).
Knowledge of trouble-shooting techniques.
Knowledge of buried, aerial and underground plant.
Knowledge of job related facility, equipment, plant, tools, products, services, symbols, records, applicable techniques, and applications.
Ability to communicate technical subject matter clearly, both written and verbal.
Maintain records as necessary.
Possession of basic keyboard skills.
Demonstration of effective communication skills, using tact, and courtesy.
Detail oriented, verify that work is accurate and complete.
Capable of working independently.
Strong Computer skills (databases, processes and administrative).
Proficiency when working in Microsoft Office products.
Flexibility to work a schedule that will meet the demand.
Must have a valid driver’s license.
Experience in OSP telecommunications industry.

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