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Gail Johnson – ITT Website Development

Gail Johnson is in charge of our online website development, marketing service and Search Engine Optimization.

Gail, a seasoned professional at PacTel Solutions, is dedicated to ensuring optimal website performance and usability through strategic oversight and implementation of search engine optimization practices. With a proven track record in SEO, Gail possesses a deep understanding of the internet and HTML code.

Thriving in a fast-paced and energized environment, Gail brings a perfect blend of informality and fun, coupled with a serious commitment to quality, customer service, innovation, and excellence. Her rich expertise includes delivering online website marketing and SEO services to customer websites during her tenure at ADP/Cobalt Company until retirement in 2013.

Gail’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through her successful launch, design, and operation of a small e-commerce website business. She not only set up a corporation but also managed all aspects of sales, bookkeeping, and quarterly taxes. Gail implemented effective SEO strategies for her self-owned e-commerce website, showcasing her hands-on experience and strategic approach. Additionally, she demonstrated her prowess in the telecommunications sector during her remarkable 23-year tenure at Verizon/GTE until retirement in 2006. In this role, Gail was responsible for addressing the needs of large business customers, providing product support and services across four states while navigating state tariffs and company procedures. Her extensive knowledge extended to FCC and local tariffs, solidifying her expertise in the telecommunications industry.

Having joined PacTel Solutions in January 2016, Gail has set ambitious goals for the company. Her vision revolves around continually enhancing website marketing services and expanding the online presence of PacTel Solutions, aligning with the company’s growth trajectory. Gail’s wealth of experience and commitment make her a valuable asset to the PacTel Solutions team.

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