PacTel Solutions delivers excellence in Telecommunications Solutions.

PacTel Solutions Air Dryer maintenance

PacTel Solutions determined commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our success as a telecom service company is based on our determined commitment to customer satisfaction. PacTel Solutions, products and services; project management, network planning and technicians, technology services, field project coordination, and outside plant engineering (OSP).

We meet the rapidly expanding demand for competitively priced telecommunication services and solutions.

Central Office air dryer installation, site survey and evaluation, engineering services, CAD drafting, wireless carriers, business development consulting, training and work order management.

PacTel Solutions Air Dryer add-on capabilities for increased number of distribution points.

Highly Experienced: PacTel Solution’s management team hails from executive-level positions with the world’s largest telecommunications products and services firms. Our team understands the challenges that you face with your network and knows how to help you exceed your goals.

Responds Quickly: PacTel Solutions has assembled a team of hand-selected personnel to respond to your pressing needs. Our customer service is unparalleled, allowing your customers to get the right answer, from a customer-focused employee.

Integrity and Professionalism: PacTel Solution’s employees are our greatest asset and have a passion to provide outstanding service that will exceed your expectations.

Installation of new Air Dryers and the removal of old ones.

Audit, maintain, test, and repair existing systems

PacTel Solutions Central Office Business Technology Systems

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