General Office Support Job Description

Telecom General Office Support

Plans organize and direct the implementation and support of the telecommunication projects. She or he needs to have the desire to support people through telecommunication operations.  He will need to have the ability to creatively find solutions to challenges and to be able to anticipate, manage and resolve conflicts. He will oversee the daily organization of the engineers within your area. Will ensure that all jobs are organized properly. He or She will develop and administer telecommunication policies and procedures in compliance with local, state, and Federal government regulations.

Example of Job Duties

    • Oversees development or modification of various telecommunication services or systems.
    • Coordinates the design, installation, maintenance, and upgrade of the fiber
      optic system and its supporting facilities. Reviews completed projects to ensure that objectives are met.
    • Works with departments in the planning and delivery of various telecommunication services.
    • Prepares required telecommunication reports and filings.
    • Coordinates the various marketing functions related to telecommunication services.
    • Develop applicable rate structures and service agreements for the delivery of telecommunication services to customers.
    • Completes special marketing research studies as needed.
    • Negotiates contracts with applicable service providers.
    • Ability to creatively find solutions to challenges.
    • Be able to anticipate, manage and resolve conflicts.
    • Team player with leadership skills, abilities and desire to interact with people at all levels.
    • Demonstrated dedication to work effectively with underserved, at-risk, and vulnerable populations.
    • Ability to work effectively with community partners.

General Office Support

Updating computerized spreadsheets, answering telephones, transferring calls and photocopying filing and faxing.

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