Bucket Truck Maintenance

To safely keep a bucket truck on the road, regular maintenance is crucial.

Checking the hydraulic lines and bucket arm are mandatory pre-operation inspections that need to be done before any operator goes up in a bucket truck. There can be no leaks whatsoever in the hydraulic lines. Make sure that the boom arm shows no indication of metal fatigue, cracks or missing hardware. Boom arm failures and hydraulic fluid fires are accidents that can occur when proper safety and maintenance precautions aren't performed and they are totally preventable.

OSHA requires standard safety checkpoints that must be reviewed by the truck operator before using any aerial lift.

This includes regular oil changes, hydraulic fluid changes, brake checks and replacement of any worn or broken parts. The standard metric is typically after 1,000 hours of operation for replacing oil and hydraulic fluid. Proper bucket truck performance and safety depends on regular inspections and keeping current with mechanical performance.

Not only is regular maintenance essential, but operators also need to inspect key systems before starting work in a bucket truck. Standard daily checks include:

  • Headlight, Turn signals, Emergency lights

    Bucket Truck Maintenance, PacTel Solutions

    Bucket Truck Maintenance, PacTel Solutions

  • Bucket Arm, Bucket
  • Wipers
  • Out riggers
  • Batteries
  • Hydraulic lines, Fuel Lines and Oil
  • Brakes
  • Lower Controls, Upper Controls
  • PTO

Bucket Truck maintenance and service can be sourced through PacTel Solutions.

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