Bluechem products available at PacTel Solutions products available at PacTel Solutions is a professional cleaning, care and sealing product. 

As a technology leader, we offer all service and maintenance products in our wide product range that is needed daily in an automotive workshop, in the industrial or the trade sector.

  • Developed specifically for the automobile trade and industry.
  • We guarantee our customers the best results: Maximum efficacy and at the same time, the protection of natural resources are the highest aims.
  • A clean affair for both sides.
  • Biologically degradable substances.
  • Reduce the contamination of the environment.


You can take care of the oil and engine cycle as well as for the cooling system in your car. You can extend the life cycle of all the parts. Powermaxx provides special products to clean the air condition, which might be necessary for allergic persons.


For every point in a modern car wash, you can find the perfect article. From pretreatment and special wheel rim cleaners, active foam and shampoo products to conservers and drying articles – the washmaxx line always performs best!


If on the inside or outside the articles eliminate all contaminations and take care of the materials. So you can improve the optics of your vehicle and extend its life cycle – a clean solution by caremaxx!

MX for Life

The range consists of special cleansers and lubricants as well as technical aerosols for maintenance.


The full sets from our product line Nano-Technology are ready to use for many different purposes. They always provide absolutely satisfying results, which has been confirmed by TÜV Thüringen: Easy-to-clean effect, reduced soiling levels, improved vision during rain or snow, resistance to antifreeze and washer fluid, reduced insect adhesion etc.

Based on scientific insights the nano seals protect valuable surfaces and avoid sticking of contaminating substances (self-cleaning action). All seals have been tested on many surfaces and have demonstrated their excellence under all kinds of environmental conditions such as rain, snow, sunshine and even extreme temperatures. catalog

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